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Tiny company with warm heart. Our goal is to communicate with the space creatures.

Authorized Radio Inspector(in Japan)

Installing and maintaining the radio station and R&D for the tele communication's knowledge

Convert the excellent radio equipment from overseas to Japanese regulations

Developing the new energy

Save the earth and developing aerospace fields!

ICT Cordinator

We provide the ICT solutions through the world wide network!

Company nameHeart Musen LLC
RepresentativeTakahiro Aikou
Head office6035-2, Fukuyama, Fukuyama town, Kirishima city, Kagoshima pref. Postal:899-4501
Branch(Sasebo city)1963-3-102, Hino town, Sasebo city, Nagasaki pref. Postal:858-0923
Tel+81 956-80-3757 / +81 90-2046-0867
Capital stock1,400,000 JPY
Establied atAugust, 10th, 2017
Ratings and licenses
  • 登録点検事業(九点第18号)
  • 電気工事業(長崎県 第2020128号)
  • 一般社団法人全国陸上無線協会正会員
  • 長州産業(株)認定・住宅用太陽光・蓄電池システム施工販売店

Other Services and Business domain:

  • Design RAN(Radio Access Network) and network systems
  • Produce Web site, Landing Page, and promotion media
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